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Add a new dither sprite

Pixel Sky Creator supports the use of any sprite as a dither pattern, so long as the sprite's texture satisfies the following criteria:

  • it must only contain pixels whose alpha value is either 0 (fully transparent) or 1 (fully opaque)
  • its pixel data must be readable
  • it must not be Crunch compressed

How it works

Pixel Sky Creator essentially uses the dither sprite as a template. Pixel Sky Creator reads the pixel data from the source dither sprite and then generates a new sprite which repeats the pattern across the width and height of the sky. This process is therefore non-destructive and does not alter the source dither sprite.

Import settings

When importing a new sprite to use as a dither pattern (or editing an existing sprite), it is necessary to ensure that the Read/Write setting is Checked (that is, displaying a checkmark). This enables the pixel data to be read.

For reference, the pre-made dither sprites which ship with Pixel Sky Creator use the following import settings:

Dither texture import settings