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Add a sky

To add a sky, do one of the following:

  • Click the GameObject menu item and choose Pixel Sky Creator > Sky
  • Right-click in the Hierarchy and choose GameObject > Pixel Sky Creator > Sky
  • Drag the Sky prefab from the asset's Prefabs folder into the Hierarchy

Default configuration

As seen in the Hierarchy, each sky comprises a Sky game object and two child game objects – ColorBands and Dither.

Sky game object in the Hierarchy

The settings to edit the sky are contained within the Sky game object's Sky (Script) component.

Sky (Script) component in the Inspector

By default, each Sky game object is positioned with its bottom-left corner at 0,0 and uses the following configuration:

SectionField and valueDescription
Dimensions (px)Width: 960The sky's width in pixels.
Height: 540The sky's height in pixels.
Colors (bottom --> top)Colors: A fixed-step gradient with the colors magenta and blueThe sky's color bands, going from bottom (the left of the gradient) to top (the right of the gradient).
DitherDither Texture: dither-2pxThe dither pattern which will be added to each color band.